TaskUnifier: Manage your tasks

TaskUnifier Pro

TaskUnifier Pro unlocks the full power of TaskUnifier.

The pro version provides powerful and advanced new features.

Pro Features

Synchronized data

TaskUnifier Pro allows you to synchronize your data (tasks, notes, folders...) with Toodledo.

Toodledo allows you to manage your tasks in a web browser (Toodledo provides an app for iPhone and iPads). You can therefore manage your tasks everywhere at any time.

TaskUnifier Pro allows you also to synchronize your tasks via a shared folder on a private network.

More info here.

Customize your tasks
Add custom task fields

TaskUnifier Pro allows you to add custom task fields.

You want to track additional information ? TaskUnifier Pro allows you to add any kind of field to your existing tasks !

Example with two custom fields "Reviewer" and "Costs":

Rules (Coming soon)
Automate actions

TaskUnifier Pro allows you to execute some automatic actions when you update a value of a task.

For example, when you complete a task, TaskUnifier can automatically complete the sub-tasks or change their status.

Published data

TaskUnifier Pro allows you to publish your tasks to Google Calendar and Google Tasks.

You will be able to see your tasks on their respective website.

More info here.

Group your tasks
Display your tasks in different groups

TaskUnifier Pro allows you to customize the way your tasks are displayed by grouping them on the selected fields.

Buy TaskUnifier Pro

The upgrade to TaskUnifier 4 Pro is free for anybody who purchased a plugin after 1st of June 2012.
If this is your case, you should have received a new license key by email, please contact us if you have not received it yet.

Price: 11.99$ (USD)

Upgrade discount *: -5.00$ (USD)

(*) Only if you bought a license for "TaskUnifier 2.x - Toodledo Plugin" !

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